30-Year-Old Man, Michael Rotondo Finally Moved Out

If you regularly watch the news then I’m sure you are aware of the case of the 30-year-old man, Michael Rotondo. Rotondo and his family became known after his parents went to court to evict their slacker son. At first, you might think that is harsh but look at the facts. Michael is 30 and has not worked or contributed to the household in the past 8 years. His parents told the judge that he refuses to leave their home or seek employment. He must be playing Battlefield V all day in their basement.


Michael Rotondo
Michael’s Parents Took Their Son To Court

No Job, No Shame

Even with his lack of motivation and employment, Michael seems confused as to why his parents want him to move out. Is this the typical millennial now? Living with their parents into their 30’s. From what his parents have said, he has not paid a bill or saved money in over 8 years. If he had been working all this time, he would have plenty of money saved up. This leads his parents to look at public background checks for a judge to evict their son.

Who Is To Blame?

This particular incident has made it into the news, however, there are many other situations out there like this. Older millennials are living with their parents into their 30’s. The economy is doing better, so is it laziness that is causing this? A study shows that young adults living with their parents have increased in the last year. The study also stated that the rate of young adults moving out of their parent’s homes is very low. Not only will millennials moving out help mom and dad, but it will also help the economy.

Michael Has Moved Out

Last week, Michael Rotondo has officially moved out of his parents home. This happened after a judge ruled that he must leave his parents home by June 1st, 2018. When Michael was asked if he had a job lined up, he said no. He did say that he was moving into an Airbnb even though he has no way to financially support himself. While this is a win for Michael’s parents, it does represent how young adults are struggling to start their lives. If you enjoyed this, check out my last post about the Summit with Trump and Kim Jong Un.