Giving You The News

All 24 News is your destination for the newest and breaking news. Whether the story was posted an hour ago, I will have it up and running on here. I plan on diving into the news stories, and asking questions. Not just reading facts because anyone could do that. If you want to read thoughtful and interesting news article, then make sure to come back to my page. I understand the news isn't always easy to read and theres so many tragedies in the world. However, you should be an informed individual and know what is going on in the world. I will help keep you in the know.

Jenelle Wentworth

Journalism B.A.



Hello readers, my name is Jenelle but my friends called "nelle". I have loved investigating for as long as I can remember. This got me into journalism at NYU. I'm all about that city life and how every day is different. After getting my degree I thought, my not start a blog before rushing into a career. So here I am, ready to tell you the news and keep you informed.