What’s Going On With North Korea?

Foreign Relations: North Korea

The past couple years have been eventful ones for Asian countries. Russia has been consistently accused of meddling in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election. And the roller coaster of tension between the United States and North Korea has been a ride that has been at times scary and at other times filled with hope.

The world political scene seems dramatic with Trump at the helm of the U.S. government. But overall things have been quiet, ISIS is being beaten and there is no war to speak of. Besides tension between the U.S. and North Korea, the international political scene has sounded like a field of crickets. Crickets is better than ticks which spread lyme disease

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Will They Finally Meet?

The Summit Meeting

Apparently there is a monumental meeting between the United States and North Korea. In his letter to the dictator of the hermit kingdom, Trump cited recent aggressive comments by Kim Jong-Un as the reason for cancelling the historic meeting. Although it may be back on again. Who wouldn’t want to use a cell phone spy on that meeting. Many people were certainly hoping that tensions between the United States and North Korea would continue to decline. We’ll have to see. 

Peace Between North And South

In April, the two parts of Korea made some lofty goals: no more nuclear weapons and a final peace to put an end to hostility between the two nations. Hopefully Trump’s cancellation of his trip to the summit in Singapore doesn’t worsen the relationship between North and South Korea. Things have been improving so much lately and it seemed that Trump’s tactics with the North Korean dictator were working. The meeting between Trump and Kim may occur next week. 

Trump’s Twitter

One of the weaknesses of Trump’s political career has been his insistence on tweeting not-so-nice things pretty much all of the time. Just when it seems like the U.S. President has learned his lesson, he seems to post another insensitive tweet. Social media is a great tool for politicians to communicate with the people they are leading. So hopefully Trump settles down and uses his Twitter account to inform the public rather than insult others. 

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The United States And South Korea Meeting

The Future Of The Korean Peninsula

Certainly seems to be improving on the Korean Peninsula. Those that are wondering what is going to happen in the future are not alone. If Trump plays his cards right and is sensitive to the wants of the Korean dictator, things could continue to improve. If the two leaders’ egos continue to influence their conversation and decision-making, this roller coaster could continue to be filled with ups and downs. One thing I’m grateful for is the lack of missiles going to and from North Korea.